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How a hobby in t-shirt screen printing became a business

For owner/operator, Chris Pye, his passion for screen printing began in a hillside village in Indonesia, back in 2004.

Chris was watching a villager who was holding up an A3 size wooden frame towards the sun. The man washed the screen with water, and right before Chris' eyes, an image appeared. Inspired by what he saw, he purchased the screen, took it back to England and began knocking out the same. An instinct for the market told him it would sell worldwide, and he wasn't wrong. The design was the shahada, the testification of faith for Muslims.


With this success as motivation, Chris employed a local family and began screen printing this design onto head and armbands. He sold thousands of them, exhibiting at London's ExCel Exhibition centre to a crowd of 35,000. This was his entry into commercial screen printing.


He decided to take his passion for art and design and combine them with his new hobby and began creating more and more printed t-shirt designs. Being in Shoreditch, London, he realised he was onto something and with the help of other London-based screen printers who were more than happy to assist, he taught himself the more complex aspects of screen printing.

And so, Splitscreen Grafix (Formally WearAloud) was born.

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Splitscreen Grafix: Original artwork, Licensed & Custom Graphics

A few years later, and after recreating the works of some of London's top street artists (including Otto Schade and Pegasus) onto apparel and interior mediums, we've now moved back to New Zealand.

otto pegasus

We work with businesses like yours to create team shirts, memorial t-shirts, club t-shirts and one of a kind custom jobs. We're enthusiastic, we love what we do and we're affordable too! We've got some of the best selections of original licenced screen-printed artwork in New Zealand - if you need to print on clothing, canvas, vinyl, paper, cardboard, or other substrates, contact us at Splitscreen Grafix.

Licensed art, custom graphics, screen print clothing
ford BLING outlaw

We produce a select range of licensed artworks, INCLUDING FORD MOTOR COMPANY with a range of designs in stock: we'll have what you want, when you want it. Get the design you want printed directly onto t-shirts, hoodies, vests, and stickers. We can manage the entire process from start to finish, no mucking around - no hidden costs. contact us to find out more.

Skulls, Bones, skeleton graphics, biker designs, Cars, hot rods & V8s
am pride ride the best

Looking for American motorcycle designs? We've gained a reputation for our quality and our customer service, with most of our designs available for purchase online. We're also able to print your original artwork onto high-quality clothing - ideal for club gear, for bike and car enthusiasts, or as a present for the man, woman or child who thinks they have it all!

Need it done fast? Within days, sometimes within hours, we can have your designs printed. YES, we have an express same day service. In fact, we're often able to complete simple orders in less than an hour, so ask us about our Express Screen Print Service today

Splitscreen Grafix - unique, affordable screen printing right here in the Waikato

We also offer our screen printing workshop and equipment for hire, just ask us about our great rates.

Some of our political designs have courted controversy in the past, appearing in the Sun newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, on Sky TV, BBC, Islam Channel, Itahad TV with Yusuf Chambers and The Agenda Program with Yvonne Ridley. They've been seen in war zones, refugee camps and at some of the biggest protests, including "STOP THE WAR" If you want it printed, WE'LL PRINT IT!

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Attention to detail

One benefit of being an owner/operated business is we control the printing process from start to finish. This allows us to pick up on faults. It also means we offer you the benefit of a second shop where you can get a bargain. Just ask us

Screen printing DIY

If you all have a love of art & design and love the idea of creating your own t-shirts, or poster prints, we now offer screen printing tuition and DIY. Got a favourite t-shirt that's maybe a tad worn out but fits and wears well? Get a design on it and give it a new lease on life. Read more about our DIY screen printing

After hours' service

We also have the added advantage of operating after hours, so you can rock up by as late as 10pm. By appointment please

Whatever your printing needs, from t-shirt printing for your sports team to vinyl graphics for your business car, we'd love to help! Get in touch today to chat about your project.